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Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder 8.8

Locate and manage all your duplicate photos by comparing the images themselves
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Trying to detect duplicates amongst a large collection of photos and other images is not only a tedious and complicated task, but it is also prone to produce false positives (or negatives) when performed manually. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder performs that complex task for you in seconds checking both the most obvious file attributes and, most importantly, the images themselves.

It is this ‘visual similarity’ check and the algorithm behind it that makes this tool stand out from most of its many competitors. Actually, that is the only way to make sure that two photos are the same – by comparing them in a ‘visual’ way rather than in a byte-by-byte way. Rely on similarities in the most common file attributes, such as name, size, date, type, or format, can be deceiving in many cases. Checking the images themselves, even when they only differ in orientation, is what this program does best. Besides, you can tell the program to check the EXIF data (when present) to double-check if two files are identical, or not.

You can compare entire folders and add filters to your scans. The ‘Quick Check/Uncheck’ dialog will allow you to define the folders or file extension to be checked, the size range, the date range, etc. Finally, if you happen to be an Adobe Lightroom user, you’ll be glad to know that you can check your Lightroom .lrcat catalog files directly from this tool.

To help you manage your candidate and true duplicates in a more convenient way, Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder will display those photos that present significant similarities in groups. Then you can delete those with a lower quality, move them to a different location, or manage them in whatever way is best for you.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder comes in three different versions – Standard, Professional, and Corporate. None of them is free, and none of the prices of the various licenses are the lowest in the market, but you can rest assured that the program’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy are surely worth the effort.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Provides a fast and accurate scan
  • Offers different duplicate management options
  • Includes comparison options based on the file attributes
  • Scans Lightroom photo collections


  • Requires a highly-priced license
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